Because Play is Work and Work is Play

You’re so busy. Don’t you feel tired? A common question asked by my colleagues and tutor-educator friends.


Honestly, yes I do. I do feel tired.


I feel drained at the end of the day and I can just KO and zzz on the bed instantaneously. Well, sort of. After the post-work shower, eating dinner, typing out this post, reading a book, short cardio intervals. Then and only until then, I will truly KO on the bed instantaneously. KO – Knock Out.


I would go on to do teaching in a private education centre on weekdays all the way till 6pm. Spearhead a couple of other education centres and observe-mentor tutor-educators on weekday evenings. Conduct sharing sessions with aspiring educators. Lead and facilitate math heuristics workshops on Saturday mornings. Teach PSLE Math on Saturday afternoons. Occasionally, run Math seminars on Sundays at various community centres as Lead Trainer.


Once in a while, I would just be happy to conduct free mathematics clinic and refresher topical workshops for financially assisted students who truly deserve the help.


It is no wonder colleagues ask if I am ever tired. I honestly do. I do feel tired. But the fatigue only sets in only when I decide and choose to lay down on the bed after a long day.


Because I love doing what I do. The thought of going into the classroom, seeing students’ expressions of learning something new and knowing that you are part of contributing factors in making a child’s future brighter is what pumps me.


This is it. I know what I want and I would strive towards it. I know how tired I am, I would always end the day with satisfaction.




The professional football player trains day in and out and scores goals in leagues most definitely because he loves it. He is paid to do what he loves most. Everyone wants to get paid to do something they love!


I know of a producer who loves writing so much that he decided to leave school of medicine in his final year to pursue his love in writing plays. He followed his heart and never looked back since. Would he be better off spending his life as a doctor? No one knows. But one thing is for sure – he is happy and has a much better sense of fulfillment rather than slaving away and working feverishly as a doctor.


I know students who love to play Dota so much that they can accurately describe every single game characters’ details and features effortlessly. The lich king can recover 15% health with a sacrifice of a creeper and the probability of unleashing the double headed mage’s Triple spell is 30% and etc. (Or something like that, I can’t remember).


Amazing how any individual can excel in a field he loves so much. These guys should become video game analysts! I always tell them. I would always relate and share with them how one of my school friends is now a Video Game Analyst in the US mashing buttons and testing video games daily. Paid to do what he loves most. Our students should know and should be encouraged to pursue a job they love.


Another wonderful student I know loves photography so much. The problem is, he is one of the top achievers in his batch for academics. Everything he shares with his teachers of his dream to be a photographer, he gets slammed with alternating suggestions like the typical doctor and lawyer dream. Since he is academically inclined, teachers would find it a waste.


What waste? What an opportunity. I’m pretty sure he’s still snapping away high quality photographs in his junior college years and at the same time, still scoring em A grades.




I am truly always astonished especially by my N(T) students’ potential capabilities. We must be there to always believe in their dreams and passion and not cast a shadow of a doubt in their blueprints of life. We tutor educators must relentlessly encourage our students to believe in their dreams and remind them time and time again that the route to their dreams is a single step at a time and to never give up.


So if you’re a student,


The question is – what is the one thing that you love to do during your free time? Your body moves automatically and starts doing the one thing that gives you a great sense of achievement and fulfillment.


What is the one thing that you would love to do it for free that makes you very very happy?


The answer to that is the answer to your passion. Now that we know what our passion in life is, we are no longer seekers. We are strivers, striving towards our love. And when we do what we love, we don’t feel tired. Almost never.


Do What You Love and Never Work Another Day in Your Life Ever Again. – Confucius



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