Letter from a Master Teacher (March 2016)

Hey Tutor-Educator!


Thanks for the note.  Nowadays I go back to school on Tuesdays in the morning and it really makes my day to see the kids, especially the ones from class 2G.  That class is super lovely and I miss them.


I look back and think about the work I used to do, compared to what I’m trying to do now.  In school we run around so much and can sometimes lose focus.


But since I started with *a-tough-school*, I have learnt to keep my focus on the kids.  It was very easy at *tough-school* because right from the school leaders to the school security staff, everything is about  – the kids’ wellbeing.

I’m appreciative of that experience and it has reshaped my education “philosophy”. 


In my earlier years of teaching, I wanted to make sure my class scores the highest, in terms of passing, in terms of distinction – now I realized that’s what I wanted, and may not be what the children needed. 


I have also come to realize that not all kids are going to do well in class and not all kids need to be leaders and want to be leaders (I, for one, have never wanted to lead, I always preferred to take the back seat, and still do.)


But we must acknowledge that all kids have to learn about decency, basic courtesy, working with others, being responsible, taking calculated risks and making decisions, and taking responsibility for those decisions, etc.


Education is a big business and we all know it is not easy.  And I believe, in my small ways, I can make a difference, even if it is just a tiny bit of difference 🙂


I just shared this article with a colleague who will be sharing it with her group of Geography teachers coming this afternoon, and thought you may like it too.




You are doing very well with the kids.  They can connect with you and you genuinely care for them and they can feel it.


When we enjoy our work, we will never be too tired to wake up but do take care of yourselves.  Keep in touch with your non-teaching friends for they open our world beyond the school community and help us be relevant for our kids.





Master Tutor-Educator


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