Market Rate for Private Tutors in Singapore

This is an evergreen eternal frequently asked question by Singaporean parents, more particularly parents of 11-12 year old taking their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) exams for the year.

Okay here we go –


The market rate is $50 an hour for a NIE-trained teacher/ former teacher with at least 5 years of experience teaching in a mainstream school.


Undergraduate university students rate vary from $25-$33 an hour.


Present Award Winning Tutors charge $50-$100 an hour. These are the ones winning mainstream teaching awards from mainstream organisations like MOE, Sinda, Mendaki, CDAC etc where competition is amongst thousands.


Read more about the 4 types of tutors here in Singapore. :boogie:


Choose and invest in tutors for your children wisely. Dont waste money on the Babysitter Tutor or the Online Tutor who spams his services in forums and fb pages.


Check their credentials and look out for awards like OCA award and teaching awards from mainstream organisation.

Stockphoto by Farrel Noble

Stockphoto by Farrel Noble

An inquiry from a concerned parent –

my daughter is academically weak and has a poor memory. I would need an English tutor who has experience with such children and patient.
any advice if I should get a school teacher or private tutor for 1-1?
for secondary 1.


I would suggest a freelance tutor who is a current English teacher in a MOE mainstream school. Might be hard to source for but i know of some. Why? In touch with current syllabus and also a setter for current EL syllabus exam papers hence someone who knows the ins and outs & loopholes of the exam paper.


Ask if the tutor has a Certificate in Educational Support. It is a certificate for selected teachers in schools to coach students with poor memory and learning difficulties. They know the ways to enhance childrens’ cognitive abilites via self efficacy. Else, ask if the tutor has a Diploma in Special Education (DISE). These are indications of the tutor’s passion and interest. The default qualification is the basic NIE teaching certificate (DipEd or PGDE).


Otherwise, any joe can handle and babysit a tutee.


Remember, all tutors can teach but not all have the ability to outreach and educate our children in a manner he or she can understand or relate in his / her learning style (kinaestatic, visual etc). You can practise some brain warm-ups to enhance neurological connections as instructed here in this link. It helped a lot of my teachers i’m training currently.
Talk soon!


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Market Rate for Private Tutors in Singapore

This is an evergreen eternal frequently asked question by Singaporean parents, more particularly parents of 11-12 year old taking their […]

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