Are you a student less than 25 years of age in Singapore? Read on, bruh! That’s the first requirement. 3 more to go!


It is a luxury for any student to be owning a laptop for school assignments, recreational work, watching full HD resolution movies and of course, piling up your My Music folder with loads of mp3 songs.


But more importantly, a laptop with wireless broadband internet access allows students to be engaged online to be self-directed learners.


guide to getting a free laptop for students in Singapore


There are many online learning platforms out there providing instructional videos absolutely free of charge. This enables us to watch, pause to take notes, replay again to follow and rewind if we are not able to grasp certain concepts we are still unsure of. Try asking your teacher to explain a mathematical concept seven times in class. This is where online learning is beneficial. Flipped classroom the way to go!


One popular platform is – Khan Academy. You can check them out at


Khan Academy has thousands of videos on mathematical concepts, physics and even life skills for us to learn from. Founded by Salman Khan, he initially wanted to coach his cousin on certain mathematical concept while working as a financial analyst. He created more videos to coach his cousin and eventually uploaded his educational videos on Youtube in 2006. Little did he know that his Youtube channel would thrive to be the most popular educational channels in Youtube.


Today Khan Academy has its own website and educational institutes and schools worldwide leverage on Salman Khan’s videos for flipped classroom work with students.


So we need a laptop don’t we?


Here’s how


You need to fit a certain criteria to be able to get a laptop or desktop for free. I’m talking about the PC Bundle Scheme from the NEU PC Plus Programme. You can read more abouit NEU PC Plus at –


However, each household will only be able to apply for one laptop (which is actually very fair).

  1. You must be a Singaporean Citizen
  2. You must be a student still studying in a local mainstream school / institution. Private global distance schools do not apply.
  3. Your total monthly household income must be less than $3000 combined or less than $800 per capita income.


If it’s a YES to all of the above, you are only going to pay about $200+ for your laptop.


Download the Application Form here –


Here’s the final step to getting a FREE fully-subsided laptop.


  1. You need to be an MOE FAS (Financial Assistance Student) and to complete a certain number of hours of community service in accordance to the iNSPIRE Fund. 6 hours if you are 14 years of age and below, 12 hours if you are 15 years of age and above.


Say what? Community service?


I know. It is a turn off especially if it is not enforced by your teacher. Cleaning old-folks home, wiping public toilets are not exactly what students think of as fulfilling and meaningful for the community. But it actually is, in a way! Nevermind that.


Here’s some ideas where you will enjoy committing as community service. 6 hours only!


My personal recommendation is to help out tutoring in orphanages or community centres.


Ask your teachers if you can do peer tutoring, eg. If you’re in Sec3, propose teaching Sec1 Math perhaps a topical remediation on Negative Integers etc. to lower ability students during after school hours. Clock that 1 hour 3 times a week. Do it for 2 weeks and voila, you have your free laptop.


The above suggestion is an eye widening proposal to any teacher. They will be glad to accept and assign you to your first hour of peer tutorial because this type of initiative is good for *ahem* teachers’ portfolio for the year and hence puts a positive note to their grading. It helps their annual performance grading by school leaders. Help your favorite teacher! It’s an easy win-win situation for both you and your teacher.


“Teacher, this can help you get a B or A grade, you know!”


When all is done, get the same teacher to endorse your community service and give him time to send all the administrative forms to Singapore Children’s Society. Do remind your teacher and ask nicely if all the administrative tasks are done. Teachers can be very busy people, trust me.


Here’s the link for more information on iNSPIRE Fund at –


Now, claim your free laptop!

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