Commentary on Map & Scales for 3N Math (Singapore)

What’s up guyssss?

Here’s some commentary on what we have covered during our Learning Session this morning. A common mistake we make in class is – giving the wrong answers when we have the solution right before our eyes.    (-_-)



First off, we always want to READ the question carefully to understand and comprehend what is it that the question asks for?

Does the question ask for the REAL distance aka the actual distance? Or is it asking for the map distance?




“Find the distance between the two bus stops on the map.”

On the Map. Referencing on the Scale Rule where [1:n] –> map : actual, the question is asking for the map distance, not the real actual distance. In this case, the map distance is in most cases always in cm.



Next, always take note of unit conversions. Do make things easier for yourself – make sure that both units on the LHS and RHS are in the same unit of measurement when we simplify. It makes calculation easier, especially when we need to express the answer in a specific unit of measurement.


  • 1 m –> 100 cm. (A sample reach of an MMA fighter is about 200cm aka 2m)
  • 1km –> 1000 m. (So when we run 2.4 km during PE, how much distance are we actually running in metres?)
  • This makes 1 km –> 100 000 cm. (The decimal point jumps 5 times in total)


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